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Occupy Wells Fargo

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I’ve been following the activities of Occupy Marin, wondering where things were headed. From what I’ve seen, the answer is nowhere. Each time Occupy Marin rallies, the group gets smaller. Yesterday’s demonstration mustered 25 hardy souls, mostly, from the looks of it, old lefties whose faces have become familiar to me.

When the group’s rallies became smaller last fall, I thought it was because the weather had become less predictable, and hoped that things would pick up once temperatures    warmed, but this seems not to be.

I think that this is because Occupy had nowhere to go except onto the political stage, recruiting and supporting candidates willing to run on an Occupy reform platform.  Unfortunately, the strongest voices in the movement seem to scoff at the notion of reforming our rigged political system, preferring instead to dream of a socialist utopia, and unwilling to settle for anything less.

So if I had to judge by what I’ve witnessed in Marin, I’d say that the moment has been lost, and barring some unforeseen energizing event, Occupy has seen its day.

Yesterday’s event focused on Wells Fargo Bank. According to an article in the Marin Independent Journal, the bank is in the process of evicting a local couple from their home of 30 years. Occupy Marin is asking Wells Fargo to delay any further action until a new California law designed to give greater protection to people threatened with the loss of their homes goes into effect on January 1.

The couple say they were talked into taking a second equity loan of $600,000 even though their house was appraised at $243.000. They say World Savings, who held the mortgage at the time, falsified documents so that the loan would be approved.

They do take some responsibility for their predicament. “We were foolish. We shouldn’t have borrowed the money. We shouldn’t have used our home as a checkbook. My wife and I, like so many others, were betting that things would continue to get better and we would be able to turn the situation around.”

It’s easy now to say they should have known better, but still, given what we know now about widespread predatory bank practices, relief seems justified.

Protest at Wells Fargo Bank

Occupy Marin protest at Wells Fargo Bank.

Occupy Marin Protest

Some Marin protesters are clearly unhappy about predatory bank practices.

Occupy Marin bank protest



Written by Ron Greene

July 13, 2012 at 9:20 am

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