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Marin Catholic Takes On Drake and Branson

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Marin County | California

It was cool and overcast, which made it easier to photograph Marin Catholic’s second track meet of the season. Even in the fading afternoon light, the exposures were fast enough to freeze action, and I didn’t have to contend with harsh shadows on the athletes’ faces.

I was impressed with the easy give-and-take between the young men and women on the field between events. No horseplay, teasing, and dumb jokes — the kind of stuff I would have expected if there had been mixed track meets when I was in high school.

I think Marin Catholic High School has about as many girls on the team as boys, another good sign. I take it to symbolize that young women are now comfortable participating in all aspects of school and community life. Watching these boys and girls at track meets should be seen by more of the public as a welcome antidote for the endless YouTube episodes of teens gone wild.

Boys Track
Marin Catholic 99, Branson 16
Marin Catholic 57, Drake 73

Girls Track
Marin Catholic 89, Branson 31
Marin Catholic 49, Drake 87

If you’re interested in high school sports, there are thousands of photos at

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Marin Catholic


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