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Marin Catholic Overpowers Redwood

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Marin County | California

The Marin Catholic football team extended its winning streak ( 6-0, 3-0 Marin County Athletic League) Saturday with a decisive victory (53-6) over Redwood high school. Marin Catholic scored all its points in the first half, and may have made a point of not piling on hapless Redwood. (2-4, 1-2 MCAL)

I expect MC to win again next Saturday again Novato. I wonder how long the streak will last.

The lighting was bad on the Marin Catholic side of the field. I was shooting into shadows most of the time, but a fellow photographer suggested I not move to the better light on the Redwood side of the field wearing my MC cap. The Redwood community has a reputation for courtesy, but I suppose there was no need for waving a red flag on the host field. In any case, my Nikon and Adobe Lightroom did a reasonable job of dealing with the backlighting.

Many more game photos are at

Marin Catholic Football

Darius Peterson (7) scored four touchdowns in the first half of the game. 

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--5

Anthony Giusti (40) seemed to be in on every tackle.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--6

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--7

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--9

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--11

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--12

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--14

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--15

Darius Peterson (7) and Billy Alien (21) were outstanding against Redwood.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--17

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05-

Andrew Celis is always a contributor.


Written by Ron Greene

October 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm

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