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Marin Catholic Overpowers Redwood

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Marin County | California

The Marin Catholic football team extended its winning streak ( 6-0, 3-0 Marin County Athletic League) Saturday with a decisive victory (53-6) over Redwood high school. Marin Catholic scored all its points in the first half, and may have made a point of not piling on hapless Redwood. (2-4, 1-2 MCAL)

I expect MC to win again next Saturday again Novato. I wonder how long the streak will last.

The lighting was bad on the Marin Catholic side of the field. I was shooting into shadows most of the time, but a fellow photographer suggested I not move to the better light on the Redwood side of the field wearing my MC cap. The Redwood community has a reputation for courtesy, but I suppose there was no need for waving a red flag on the host field. In any case, my Nikon and Adobe Lightroom did a reasonable job of dealing with the backlighting.

Many more game photos are at

Marin Catholic Football

Darius Peterson (7) scored four touchdowns in the first half of the game. 

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--5

Anthony Giusti (40) seemed to be in on every tackle.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--6

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--7

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--9

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--11

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--12

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--14

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--15

Darius Peterson (7) and Billy Alien (21) were outstanding against Redwood.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--17

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05-

Andrew Celis is always a contributor.


Written by Ron Greene

October 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm

Marin Catholic Powers Over Terra Linda

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Marin County | California

Marin Catholic remains undefeated (5-0) with a 45-6 victory over Terra Linda high school. The Saturday game was played in perfect California weather, unlike last week’s rainy victory over Tamalpais.

There were some sad moments before kickoff when a special ceremony honored the memory of Dino Ghilotti, a former Marin Catholic defensive back and wide receiver. Dino was killed in an auto accident earlier this year, just two days after graduating from the University of Miami. Marin Catholic football retired Dino’s jersey No. 8 at the ceremony.

Saturday also happened to be Homecoming, so there were some lighter moments at halftime.

More game photos are at

Marin Catholic Football

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--3

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--4

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--5

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--6

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--7

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--8

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--9

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--10

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--11

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--12

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--13

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--16

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--17

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--18

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28-

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--15

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--14

MC vs Terra Linda football 2013.09.28--2

Marin Catholic Homecoming

Marin Catholic Dominates Heritage of Brentwood

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Marin County | California

Marin Catholic (3-0) won their final tune-up for the MCAL season over Heritage high school last Saturday with a 42-6 victory.

I decided to stay for a moment after the game and was surprised to find that the MC football team remained on the field for about 20 minutes after the finish of play. The boys must have been tired, and thinking about hot showers, but showed amazing poise and discipline as they first prayed together, and then listened attentively as each of their coaches reviewed the game.

Many more game photos are at

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-2

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-3

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-4

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-5

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-6

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-7

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-8

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-9

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-10

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-11

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-12

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09-13

MC vs Heritage football 2013.09.14-09

Written by Ron Greene

September 17, 2013 at 10:47 am

Marin Catholic Defeats St. Ignatius in San Francisco

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Marin County | California

The Marin Catholic football team defeated  St. Ignatius high school in San Francisco this past Saturday. The 31-20 victory was the second of the season for the Wildcats.

It was an enjoyable game, with standout performances by the whole team, and especially Morgan Mahalak, Nicholas Heimbrodt, and Andrew Celis.

I brought a second camera to the game, an Olympus OM-D E-M5, aiming for a different perspective with wide-angle shots. Can you spot the differences between the Nikon and Olympus photos?

Marin Catholic plays at home this Saturday against Heritage, the final tuneup before the Wildcats enter league play.

You’ll find many more photos of the game at VarsityPix.

MC v St. Ignatius--1

Morgan Mahalak

Morgan Mahalak

Andrew Celis

Andrew Celis

MC v St. Ignatius-3521

MC v St. Ignatius-3744

MC v St. Ignatius-3768

MC v St. Ignatius-4309

MC v St. Ignatius-4347

MC v St. Ignatius-4511

MC v St. Ignatius-4767

MC v St. Ignatius-6736

MC v St. Ignatius-6805

MC v St. Ignatius-6870

MC v St. Ignatius-6896

Written by Ron Greene

September 10, 2013 at 10:52 am

Marin Catholic Defeats Miramonte in Season Opener

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Marin County | California

Marin Catholic defeated Miramonte high school Saturday to begin the 2013 football season. After a slow first half, MC delivered 35 unanswered points in the last two quarters to win 45-14.

Bill Schneider, CEO of VarsityPix, had advised me to keep an eye on Andrew Celis (4), and I wasn’t disappointed. Celis was outstanding in all aspects of his play, including 7 receptions for 167 yards. He can run, catch, and kick. Now I’m just waiting to see if he can throw.

Head Coach Mazi Moayed’s team (1-0) will travel to San Francisco’s St. Ignatius on September 7th. I’ll be there with my Nikon, hoping to continue photographing a winning season.

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-2

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-3

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-4

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-5

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-6

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-7

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-8

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-9

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-10

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-11

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-12

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-13

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08-14

MC vs Miramonte 2013.08.31-08

Written by Ron Greene

September 3, 2013 at 10:21 am

Marin Catholic Football Scrimmage

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Marin County | California

Marin Catholic kicked off its 2013 high school football season Friday with a scrimmage against Cardinal Newman. The season warmup took place in Santa Rosa, California, and I was there courtesy of Bill Schneider, CEO and co-founder of VarsityPix, has completely revised his site, making it easy to find new Marin Catholic photos each week. Bill will also be photographing the games, so parents and students will have an unusually rich selection of images to view and buy.

Those of you who played sports in high school – wouldn’t you love to have a collection of photos from those bygone days? Future grandchildren of today’s players will certainly enjoy seeing what they’re grandparents looked like as high school athletes. Bill’s site makes this possible.

Head Coach Moayed

Bill Schneider, VarsityPix CEO, greets Marin Catholic head coach Mazi Moayet at scrimmage with Cardinal Newman High School.

Marin Catholic’s Wildcats came close to winning the California Division III state championship last year, falling to Madison 38–35. Under head coach Mazi Moayed, the team is expected to have another great year, so stay tuned.

2013.08.23 MC vs CM scrimmage-08

2013.08.23 MC vs CM scrimmage-08-12

2013.08.23 MC vs CM scrimmage-08-11

2013.08.23 MC vs CM scrimmage-08-9

Marin Catholic football scrimmage.

Written by Ron Greene

August 27, 2013 at 10:17 am

Another Sad Day for the Redwood Giants

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MARIN COUNTY | California

I wish I knew more about football so I could put my finger on why my Redwood Giants keep losing, but they just do. They seem a better team than their 1-8 record this season would indicate. Saturday they went down 10-15 to Drake High School. There’s one last game next week.

Maybe it’s just because we’re approaching the end of the season, but my action photos are starting to all look the same to me, so Saturday I spent a little more time focusing on the sidelines.

Redwood High School Band

Redwood High Cheer Leader on Phone

Redwood High Cheer Leaders

Redwood Cheer Leaders

Redwood Football Sideline

Redwood Homecoming

Redwood Football

Redwood Football

Khari Haynes has become my personal favorite this season. He’s a little guy who plays with lots of heart, even when hurting.

Khari Haynes

Coaches and players did their best but losing is never easy.

Written by Ron Greene

October 29, 2012 at 4:35 pm