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More San Rafael Streets Team Portraits

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Here are a few more portraits of the San Rafael Streets Team. Stop and say hello if you see them at work keeping the city beautiful. They will be pleased with the acknowledgment and happy to share a smile.

If you’re interested in successful programs of this kind, spend a moment at their website.

say hello-

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--5

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--10

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--9

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--8

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--7

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--6

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--3


Written by Ron Greene

May 25, 2015 at 11:56 am

San Rafael Streets Team Portrait Project

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Lately, I’ve been working on a portrait series with the San Rafael Downtown Streets Team. After admiring Richard Avedon’s iconic portraits shot against plain white backgrounds, I thought I would try something similar, but using black.

Avedon took hundreds of photos in this style, traveling all over the United States to find subjects for his gigantic 8×10 Deardorff view camera. I’m slightly less ambitious.

I travel less than ten minutes from my home in Greenbrae to downtown San Rafael, where the St. Vincent de Paul free dining room is located. And rather than a Deardorff, I’m using small Nikon and Olympus cameras.

St. Vincent’s dining room is where the San Rafael Downtown Streets Team holds its weekly team meetings, and where I’m using the back alley as a studio.

The San Rafael Downtown Streets Team is one of the few programs for homeless and disadvantaged people that has received almost universal acclaim. If you’re interested in successful programs of this sort, I recommend visiting their website.

Here are two iPhoto snaps from Alvedon’s book, Evidence, to give you an idea of what I mean when I say I got the idea for my portrait series from him.

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team-2

Richard Avedon from his book Evidence

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team-

 Richard Avedon from his book Evidence

And now, some of the Streets Team

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--13

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--18

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--17

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--16

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--14

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--2

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team--4

_Greene Avedon and Streets Team micky-2

Written by Ron Greene

May 12, 2015 at 2:23 pm