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Bodie in Arrested Decay

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Marin County | California

Rica and I took a road trip in the fall of 2012, passing through Bodie, CA, on our way to Glacier National Park. Bodie is an old gold-mining town, abandoned at the beginning of World War II, and now kept in a state of arrested decay by the California State Parks System.

I have a new iMac, so today I thought I would test its improved speed by processing some of the photos I took during our short visit. HDR Efex Pro 2 added a little spark to the images.

Bodie for WP-5290

Bodie for WP-1

Bodie for WP-

Bodie for WP--10

Bodie for WP--9

Bodie for WP--8

Bodie for WP--7

Bodie for WP--6

Bodie, CA


Written by Ron Greene

January 23, 2014 at 6:02 pm

Hot Dog Marin

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Marin County | California

Are you old enough to remember when Marin County was famous for its Hot Tub Parties? These days it’s Hot Dog Parties.

Gayle Donsky and Mort Stein hosted just such an event for their lovely dog Izzy on January 1st.

I took these photos with my new Olympus OM-D E-M1. Rica also took some with her iPhone.

Izzy's 2014 birthday--2

Izzy's 2014 birthday--4

Izzy's 2014 birthday hd-0892

Gourmet cuisine designed for the party by two of Marin’s outstanding hosts.

Izzy's 2014 birthday-

Izzy's 2014 birthday--6

Mort kept guests entertained throughout the evening.

Izzy's 2014 birthday-0881

Izzy's 2014 birthday-2014-2

X-Rated fudge cake, so good.

Izzy's 2014 birthday--3

Izzy's 2014 birthday--9

Izzy's 2014 birthday--8

Rica directing cookie tour.

Izzy's 2014 birthday-0938

Gayle leading dogs in song. They joined her a moment after I snapped the shutter. 

Izzy's 5th birthday party

This was taken at last year’s party, but it deserves a second showing. Izzy is wearing his pink ribbon.

Izzy's 2014 birthday-0904

Izzy's 2014 birthday-0887

Izzy's 2014 birthday--7

Izzy's 2014 birthday-0991

It was fun saying hello to old friends.

Izzy's 2014 birthday-2014-3

Here I’m enjoying my new camera.

Written by Ron Greene

January 4, 2014 at 12:32 pm