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Marin Catholic Defeats Drake

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Marin County | California

The Marin Catholic High School football team extended its winning streak by defeating Drake 56-0. With Saturday’s win, that’s nine straight (9-0, 6-0) with one more regular season game to go.

It was unseasonably warm, but the heat didn’t seem to slow the team at all. Some players did take a bit of shade before the game.

Here are a few photos. Many more are at

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3172

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3175

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3180

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3238

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3244

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3444

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3449

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3469

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3852

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3918

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-3920

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-4265

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-4468

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-4541

MC vs Drake 2013.10.27 group VP-4716


Written by Ron Greene

October 28, 2013 at 11:28 am

Marin Catholic Routs Justin-Siena

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Marin County | California

Marin Catholic has extended its undefeated season with a 41-0 victory over Justin-Siena. Saturday’s game makes it eight straight, with two more to go in the regular season.

There were a number of outstanding plays, but Andrew Celis (4) stole the show with a 30-yard punt return, and a one-handed catch of a Morgan Mahalak pass for a touchdown. Unfortunately, I misread the game clock and was stuffing a hot dog just before halftime when Celis made his spectacular catch. Bill Schneider, of VarsityPix fame, was a little more attentive and recorded the decisive moment.

Saturday was Senior Day, and I photographed a number of touching moments before the game as players in their final year at Marin Catholic presented their mothers with long stemmed white roses. These photos and others are for sale at

I hope MC parents share my belief that Saturday’s memories will grow increasing precious as the years pass by.

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1874

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1877

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1886

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1811

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1982

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1974

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1972

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1965

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1935

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1932

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1915

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1895

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1868

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1866

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1838

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2073

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2051

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-1987

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2524

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2473

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2408

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2384

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2364

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2335

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2242

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2231

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2186

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-2131

MC vs Justin-Siena 2013.10.19-8013

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October 22, 2013 at 10:19 am

Marin Catholic Shuts Out Novato

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Marin County | California

It’s getting a little predictable. Marin Catholic remains undefeated (7-0, 4-0) with a 55-0 Saturday victory over Novato.

As the season rolls on, I notice more and more smiles on the sidelines.

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP-

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--16

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--15

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--14

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--13

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--12

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--11

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--10

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--9

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--8

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--7

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--6

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--5

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--4

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--3

MC vs Novato 2013.10.12 WP--2

Head Coach Mazi Moayed has good reason to smile.

More game photos are at

Written by Ron Greene

October 16, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Football Time-Out

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Marin County | California

As followers of this blog know, I’ve been posting lots of Marin Catholic football photos. So maybe this is a good moment for a time-out, and a little change of pace.

Yesterday morning I took a short photo walk in San Rafael led by Jerry Downs, an energetic photographer and very funny guy. In the afternoon Rica and I bought some sandwiches at the Rustic Bakery in Larkspur and enjoyed some of the action at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Jerry Downs photo walk--4

As we were walking in San Rafael, I met one of my acquaintances from the Ritter Center, and asked him if the group could take his portrait. He was happy to oblige.  Jerry (on the right) later bought him two cups of coffee.

Jerry Downs photo walk Ritter-

Jerry Downs photo walk-

Another gentleman waiting to see a movie at the Rafael Film Center.

Jerry Downs photo walk--5

I later wandered into what I thought was a shop selling halloween costumes. When I realized what it really was I was too nervous to set my camera exposure properly.

Jerry Downs photo walk-2

Jerry Downs photo walk--3

Jerry Downs photo walk--2

Rica and I love Crissy Field, and try to make the scene at least once a week.

More football photos soon!

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October 14, 2013 at 12:03 pm

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Marin Catholic Overpowers Redwood

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Marin County | California

The Marin Catholic football team extended its winning streak ( 6-0, 3-0 Marin County Athletic League) Saturday with a decisive victory (53-6) over Redwood high school. Marin Catholic scored all its points in the first half, and may have made a point of not piling on hapless Redwood. (2-4, 1-2 MCAL)

I expect MC to win again next Saturday again Novato. I wonder how long the streak will last.

The lighting was bad on the Marin Catholic side of the field. I was shooting into shadows most of the time, but a fellow photographer suggested I not move to the better light on the Redwood side of the field wearing my MC cap. The Redwood community has a reputation for courtesy, but I suppose there was no need for waving a red flag on the host field. In any case, my Nikon and Adobe Lightroom did a reasonable job of dealing with the backlighting.

Many more game photos are at

Marin Catholic Football

Darius Peterson (7) scored four touchdowns in the first half of the game. 

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--5

Anthony Giusti (40) seemed to be in on every tackle.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--6

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--7

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--9

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--11

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--12

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--14

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--15

Darius Peterson (7) and Billy Alien (21) were outstanding against Redwood.

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05--17

MC vs Redwood football 2013.10.05-

Andrew Celis is always a contributor.

Written by Ron Greene

October 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm