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Marin Catholic Track vs. Redwood and Terra Linda

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Marin County | California

After nearly a week of total obsession with the Boston Marathon tragedy, I was relieved to spend three enjoyable hours photographing the Thursday track meet between Marin Catholic, Terra Linda, and Redwood high schools. Oddly, although both events involved running, I managed to avoid the connection entirely until I came home and started editing the photos. I guess this is what you would call a healthy distraction from so much of the ugliness we see in our daily headlines.

I’m reminded that for me it’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening around the world, but it’s also important to make time to turn the switch and just enjoy happy little moments.

Earlier in the day, I helped lead a meditation group at the Ritter Center, Marin County’s safety net for homeless and low-income people. We listened to a tape of Sharon Salzberg, a leading insight meditation teacher. She reminded us of the importance of avoiding being swept away by mind habits that can distort the full richness of life. I thought of my own habit of focusing on the sadness and despair I see in the disadvantaged people I meet on the streets of San Rafael, one of California’s wealthy cities.

I think it was her message that helped me leave the troubles of the world behind, at least for a few hours, and simply enjoy a bunch of kids having fun running after each other in the California sun.

MC Track v Red v TL-17

MC Track v Red v TL-1

MC Track v Red v TL-15

MC Track v Red v TL-13

MC Track v Red v TL-11

MC Track v Red v TL-9

MC Track v Red v TL-3

MC Track v Red v TL-7

MC Track v Red v TL-5

If you enjoy high school athletics, you’ll find thousands of great photos at


Robert Redford Vintage Photos in Esquire Magazine

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Marin County | California

By far the most-viewed photos on my blog are several I took of Robert Redford many years ago. Recently the photo editor at Esquire magazine contacted me, and asked if my vintage efforts could be used in an April 2013 article about Mr. Redford. I agreed to sent her six contact sheets. She picked what you see below, and rather than asking me to scan the negatives, she scanned the contacts.

I’ve also heard from Esquire’s International Editions department, and have agreed to have the same photos published in Spain, Korea, and China.

If I were a young photographer just starting a career, I suppose I would be excited out of my mind, but at this late stage in my retirement from a career as a clinical psychologist, I find these developments prompting no more than an interesting story to share with friends.

Time and circumstance sure have a way changing one’s perspective on events.

Robert Redford smoking

Robert Redford contact sheet

Marin Catholic Track vs. San Marin

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Marin County | California

I tried something slightly different at this week’s Marin Catholic Track meet. I concentrated on getting a good jumping sequence of one MC hurdler. I’ve also included two shots I like of a San Marin hurdler.

Girls Track
Marin Catholic 97,  San Marin 55

Boys Track
Marin Catholic 47,  San Marin 72
from the twitter feed

The rest of my photos from the meet are at

Marin Catholic Track V San Marin

 Catholic Track V San Marin

Catholic Track V San Marin

 Catholic Track V San Marin

 Catholic Track V San Marin

 Catholic Track V San Marin

San Marin Track

San Marin Track

Written by Ron Greene

April 6, 2013 at 9:31 am