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Marin Catholic’s Darius Peterson

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The Seattle Seahawks meet the New England Patriots in the NFL Super Bowl XLIX on February 1. I’m rooting for the Seahawks because I like their name better. Besides, Seattle managed to pull off a gutsy last-minute win last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. I had turned the TV off, assuming the Packers had the game wrapped up, when my iPhone flashed the final score. Thank goodness for TIVO. I sat back down and watched the final four minutes in amazement. The Seahawks never gave up on themselves even when all seemed lost. How could anyone who likes storybook endings not root for them?

And then there is Deflategate, calling into question the integrity of the Patriots football machine and its golden boy quarterback, Tom Brady.

But this post isn’t about professional football or its quarterbacks. If you’ve been following my posts you know I photograph Marin Catholic football games. Marin Catholic is just a few blocks down Sir Francis Drake Blvd. from my home, so even though I’m definitely not Catholic, I’ve come to think of it as my school.

Lately, I’ve wanted to summarize the MC season with a collection of photos picked at random. But then I read a piece in our local newspaper, the Marin IJ, which changed my mind. The paper named Marin Catholic’s junior quarterback, Darius Peterson (7), the paper’s offensive player of 2014.

According to the Marin IJ, Peterson piled up 3,000 yards at the helm of the league’s (MCAL) most prolific offense. He accounted for 40 touchdowns. Twenty-one through the air and 18 on the ground. And if that wasn’t enough, Peterson also scored on a kickoff return.

So I decided to change course and go back through my files looking for shots of Peterson in action.

Darius Peterson will be back at Marin Catholic next fall for his senior year as quarterback. He deserves some attention. I’ll be there, along with the college scouts.

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Alhambra-2454-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Alhambra-2630-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Drake--30

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Drake--31

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Drake-5333-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Novato-2506-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Novato-2590-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Novato-2722-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Novato-2898-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Redwood--46

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Redwood-7640-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Redwood-7850-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Redwood-8413-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Redwood-8421-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v San Marin-4121-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v St. Ignatius-1059-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v St. Ignatius-1509-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v St. Ignatius-1666-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v St. Ignatius-2133-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Tam-6136-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Tam-6173-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Tam-6185-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda--46

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda-1-21-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda-1-65-Edit-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda-0036-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda-0043-Edit

2014.08.12_Greene_MC v Terra Linda-0149-Edit

2014.11.15_Greene_MC v Tam playoff-11-41

2014.11.15_Greene_MC v Tam playoff-11-64

2014.11.15_Greene_MC v Tam playoff-11-65

2014.11.15_Greene_MC v Tam playoff-11-66-Edit

2014.11.15_Greene_MC v Tam playoff-11-68

2014.11.29_Greene_MC v Rancho Cotate-4291-Edit

2014.11.29_Greene_MC v Rancho Cotate-4770-Edit

2014.11.29_Greene_MC v Rancho Cotate-4862-Edit

2014.11.29_Greene_MC v Rancho Cotate-5087-Edit


Written by Ron Greene

January 24, 2015 at 10:56 am