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Anniversary in Carmel

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Rica and I spent our 27th wedding anniversary in Carmel in what has become something of a tradition. I mention this immediately because I’m not the sort of person who pays much attention to traditions or anniversary dates. In fact, we chose Christmas Eve to get married to make it harder for me to let the day go by without remembering. (Actually, it’s inconceivable that Rica would allow this to happen.)

A Hindu priest married us in India. It happened this way: I had been trying to get Rica to marry me for several years with no luck. She just didn’t see the need. But I was tired of referred to her as my girlfriend or significant other. Then came a trip to India and a planned visit with Jai B. P. Sinha, Ph.D., one of my closest friends.

I first met Jai when we were graduate students in the department of psychology at Ohio State University, and without his indispensable help in a required statistics course, I would have never graduated. Since he had been so much help in the past, maybe he could once again pull off a miracle, and help me get married.

I asked Rica if she would marry me in India if Jai could somehow arrange it. The challenge apparently intrigued her, because she said “Yes!” There was one condition: “Only if the ceremony took place on an elephant.” With little hope, I wrote Jai and asked. He immediately replied. He would rent an elephant and arrange a small version of a traditional Hindu wedding and suitable party. (Real Hindu pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals and celebrations can last days.)

I wish I had a photo of Rica’s expression when I told her, undoubtedly shock, but as a person of her word, she began making plans for the trip. There’s more to the story but I’ll stop here.There was one change worth noting. We exchanged wedding vows while sitting in a Hindu altar constructed in Jai’s front yard, not on an elephant. A friendly lady elephant did give us a ride to the Jai’s home on his university campus, a sort of mini wedding procession. I’m not sure if she even stayed for the ceremony. Maybe. Rica was a good sport about it. Twenty-seven years and she’s still the best.

Wedding Anniversary

1988 Jai Sinha rented an elephant and arranged our wedding in Behar, India. Jai invited his friends from his university, and almost two hundred came.

Carmel 15-25

When in Carmel we often stay at Mission Ranch, once a dairy farm.

Carmel 15--3

You can see what attracts us to the Sunday brunch.

Carmel 15--4

We arrive early to get first crack at our favorite treats.

Carmel 15--6

We put aside our diets while in Carmel. At least I do.

Carmel 15--5


Carmel 15--7


Carmel 15--2

It rained lots while in Carmel, but the coastal views were beautiful as always.

Carmel 15-25-2


Carmel 15--9


Carmel 15--16


Carmel 15--10

We spent much of our time at Point Lobos, just south of Carmel.

Carmel 15-25-4


Carmel 15-

The birds were cooperative at Point Lobos, and Rica took some terrific photos with her new camera.

Carmel 15--15


Carmel 15-25-5


Carmel 15-25-6


Carmel 15--13

The Carmel beach was covered with seaweed.

Carmel 15-25-3

We had dinner at the Cypress Inn, a boutique hotel in Carmel owned by Doris Day.

Carmel 15--14

The Cypress Inn is renowned for its dog friendliness.

Carmel 15--8


Carmel 15--12

Another happy anniversary with Rica.


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January 1, 2016 at 1:30 pm

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